ADHD and insomnia in treatment

ADHD and insomnia

ADHD and Insomnia in Treatment

ADHD and insomnia are different health problem that may affect to each other. Many factors involved on sleep problem and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). And in the most case, these factors interact to one another. Some of them include biology factor, behavior, stimulants and the other conditions. But anyway, diagnosing this problem will always be the best thing to do first. This is why understanding ADHD symptoms may help you to prevent the worse health condition.

The Study of ADHD and Insomnia

In a study, about 30 children with ADHD and 30 children without ADHD were brought to compare their sleep pattern for 7 days. They slept with a wrist device that records the body move of the children. In this study, children with ADHD sleep longer than children without ADHD. But in the other side, they need more time to get sleep and need more time to wake up. Beside it, they had no more movements than the kids who do not have ADHD. It proves the relation between ADHD and insomnia, specifically on children.

ADHD Symptoms

ADHD can be identified from the symptoms. Some of them look very common. But the combination of those symptoms will ensure the assumption. The first symptom is Lack of Focus. People with ADHD will get some difficulties to pay attention. They are easily distracted and hard to listen to the others.adhd and insomnia

Hyperfocus, this is the flip side of the previous symptoms. It can also be a serious problem. People with ADHD can be so engrossed. They can ignore anything else and may cause misunderstanding. Beside it, this condition can lead to disorganization too. People with ADHD will have serious problem with time management, timeliness, keeping track of tasks and prioritizing in a logical manner. The other symptoms of ADHD are forgetfulness, emotional problems, restlessness, anxiety, health problems and relationship issues.

ADHD and Insomnia in Treatment

The link between ADHD and insomnia means something. By curing ADHD, people can reduce insomnia. But anyway, it works only in a specific case such as insomnia on people with ADHD. This problem can be solved with lifestyle changes and natural remedies. A simple remedies such as drinking warm milk before getting sleep will help people to sleep better and reduce Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is because of tryptophan contained on milk. Make sure to avoid alcohol before getting sleep. This beverage will result infrequent waking. Beside it, alcohol is diuretic too. It causes frequent bathroom in the night.

Caffeine may worsen the condition too. Do not drink anything containing caffeine less than 4 hours before bedtime. A cup of coffee before getting sleep will force you to stay awake in the night. This is why you have to avoid it. To help you get sleep better and reduce ADHD, drink chamomile tea.

Take a hot bath will relax your muscle. It creates an ideal condition to get sleep in the night. If you have insomnia or ADHD problem, you can try to do it before bedtime. Avoid a large meal too. This is because a large meal will keep you awake. By doing it, you may reduce ADHD and insomnia.

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