Al Pacino Insomnia

Al Pacino Insomnia: Worth Watching Thrilling Movie

Al Pacino Insomnia is actually a movie title. The movie was released back in 2002 and got a lot of positive feedback. The movie is directed by one of the most famous movie directors we have today, Christopher Nolan, who also brought us The Dark Knight Trilogy(2005-2012), Memento (2000), and recently Interstellar (2014). The movie was loaded by incredibly talented actors and actresses such as Oscar winning Al Pacino, who got his Oscar in 1993 with the movie Scent of a Woman, the late Robin Williams who was also awarded by Oscar in 1998 with the movie Good Will Hunting, and also Hilary Swank who, again, was also awarded by Oscar in 2000 with the movie Boys Don’t Cry. So, basically this movie is full of stars and this thrilling movie was considered as one of the best movies released back in 2002. Below is more information about Al Pacino Insomnia.

Why the Movie is Entitled Insomnia?

Many people already know that insomnia is a kind of sleeping disorder. Yes, Insomnia can be defined as a common sleep problem that is characterized by the difficulty for a person to fall asleep. Beside of the trouble falling asleep, people with insomnia will also get difficulty to get peaceful and restful sleep, and also they will have difficulty to stay asleep throughout the night despite the fact that they have a lot of time to be used to sleep. So, why that Christopher Nolan’s movie is entitled Insomnia? Is it because Al Pacino as the main character has the difficulty to sleep as well? Well, it is believed that the movie is entitled Insomnia because of the plot of the movie. The plot of the movie is telling us about a detective from L.A Police Department named Will Dormer, played by Al Pacino. Will Dormer and his partner named Hap, played by Martin Donovan are assigned to Nightmute, Alaska to solve the case of the murder of a 17-year-old girl. The setting of the story is in Nightmute, Alaska which is a small town and well known as the place where the sun literally never sets during the summer, Nightmute, Alaska can has the whole 24 hours per day of sunlight during the summer. So, both detectives have to work really hard to solve the murder case. They work all day and they do not get any sleep because, again, Nightmute, Alaska can have the whole 24 hours per day of sunlight during the summer. That is why the movie is entitled Insomnia. It is because the characters in the movie literally never get to sleep during the investigation of the murder.

al pacino insomnia

What Can We Learn from Insomnia?

Related to health, Insomnia can teach us about the importance of getting enough sound sleep. The characters of the movie appear to be exhausted and under a lot of pressure because of the case they are working on. However, it is not only because of the case. It is also because the lack of sleeping they need. Al Pacino Insomnia is actually a really good movie that is worth watching.

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