alternative treatments for sleep apnea

herbal sleep apnea remedies

Alternative Treatments for Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea remedies are covering a wide range including alternative treatments for sleep apnea. Here you will find one that is best for you. Besides the conventional sleep apnea remedies there are also alternative treatments for sleep apnea. In this article we will present two ideas. You should take time to explore and decide, together with your doctor, which one you should choose for an alternative treatment.

The homeopathic remedies, which come in the form of much diluted solutions, aim to stimulate the body’s natural reaction to illness. One such homeopathic sleep apnea remedy is made of snake venom in a diluted solution and is used for extroverted persons. Its name is Lachesis and is primarily used to treat to treat circulatory disorders and blood diseases. Another homeopathic remedy is the essence of Vervain or essence of lavender, which may help those suffering from apnea to relax, and thus enjoy a deeper sleep.

Some of alternative treatments for sleep apnea

If you are tensed during the day, then this might prevent you later on, during the night, to have a good sleep. For such cases a cup of sambucus or elderberry tea drank a few hours before bed can be helpful. It acts as an expectorant, clearing breathing passages.

Another alternative treatments for sleep apnea is the use of herbal sleep apnea remedies, which approaches this disease from a holistic point of view and in a natural, non-invasive way. Herbs, nature’s pharmacy, have been from ancient times for all types of illnesses. This method of treating the SAS is based on the consideration that the cause of sleep apnea is the interrupted nervous communication between the brain and the diaphragm.

alternative treatments for sleep apneaThe problem is not the sagging soft palate or the rapid inhalation that sucks the soft palate into the airway. According to this approach, the problem is the reduced capacity of the brain to send a signal to the diaphragm to produce a breath with sufficient amplitude. If the breathing is sufficiently deep, then the apnea sufferer would not make a rapid inhalation, suck the soft palate into the airway and snort, disturbing his sleep.

Based on that, it is recommended Lobelia as a respiratory stimulant, which increases the depth of respiration sufficiently to prevent the drop in blood oxygen due to the muscular inhibition.

Thyme is another herb recommended because of its effect on the pleural activity. To these are added chamomile and cramp bark to relax the muscles of the neck. So, this compound acts in two ways: to increase the level of nervous signal to the diaphragm and to relax the neck muscles.

There are other sleep apnea remedies that you can use, some more conventional, others more of a novelty. The best remedy depends on the severity of the disease and on other personal factors, each case being different. It is worth studying all the options if you are looking for an alternative treatments for sleep apnea.

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