Anxiety Induced Insomnia

Anxiety and Insomnia, the Relation and Treatments

Anxiety induced insomnia. The strong relation between both of them have been proven on many studies. Even anxiety has been known as a cause of insomnia too. Without the right treatment, this condition will lead the sufferers to depression even increase the likelihood of suicidal act. To know more about insomnia and anxiety, let’s take a look to the causes of insomnia.

The Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder. When you suffer it, sleep in the night will never be easy anymore. You will stay awake in the night and sleepiness during the day. The cause of insomnia is so various. But overall, it causes by the bad lifestyle. Stress may lead you to suffer insomnia as well. This is why depression and anxiety have the strong relation with this sleep disorder.

Social problems such as job loss, divorce may lead people to anxiety and long lasting stress. Both of them will make your mind to stay active in the night. As the result, it leads you to chronic insomnia. Depression is also the same. Just like anxiety, it also has the large portion in affecting your mental. This condition will cause imbalance in the brain chemical that affect to the sleep patterns.

Treating Anxiety means Treating Insomnia

With the strong relation between anxiety and insomnia, treatment will affect to each other. Treating anxiety will allow you to reduce the insomnia. In the other side, treating insomnia is also the same. It will reduce the anxiety itself.

Anxiety treatment can be made with several ways. But overall, the treatment relates to the mental or the psychology. You can reduce it with meditation, relaxation and the similar ones. Have fun will also give the same benefit.

anxiety induced insomnia

Tips for Anxiety Induced Insomnia

The key of anxiety induced insomnia treatment is located at your mind. You have to calm your mind with your way. There is one thing to note. One suggestion will never work for everyone. It just works for some people. But you can modify it and take the new tactic to make the treatment more effective.

Watching TV before bedtime looks like a good idea. In fact, the most people do it. Unfortunately, it will stimulate your brain. And as the result, you get some difficulties to get sleep. Just make sure to avoid TV for 1 up to 2 hours before bedtime. But if you want to watch TV, you have to avoid any program that upsetting or over stimulating.

Take a quiet and a warm bath will help you to relax. Add lavender essential oil or chamomile to the water and do it before getting sleep. Soothing sound therapy can bring a peaceful mood. You can try soft music, nature sounds or wind chimes for this. Exercise also helps you to feel happier and more relax in the night. If you do not have enough time to get exercise, you can improve your physical activity. But if you want to get exercise, be sure to do it before the bedtime. At least, 4 hours before the bedtime. If you do it, it will worsen anxiety induced insomnia.

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