At Home Sleep Apnea Test

Performing at Home Sleep Apnea Test

Performing at home sleep apnea test can be a great solution to check whether you have any sleeping disorder and whether you need some medical treatment due to your sleeping disorder condition. Before performing any sleep apnea test at home, you should first notice your sleeping disorder.

Do you get sleep apnea?

First, you need to notice your sleeping pattern such as whether you have fix sleeping schedule, whether you snore when you are sleeping, whether you frequently wake up in the middle of the night and whether you exercise regularly. Not all sleeping disorder can be judged as sleep apnea.

Indeed sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder when you get pauses in breathing and instance shallow during sleeping. Different from insomnia, sleep apnea does not cause you to stay awake at night. However, it distracts your sleep almost in frequent when you suddenly get hard to breath or get instance swallow. This breathing pauses can occur at least 5 times in an hour. This sleep disorder is one of dyssomia classifications due to an abnormal behavior or psychological condition which affects your sleep. When you get pauses breath, there will be more carbon dioxide in bloodstream and it leads your brain you give some signal to warn you and wake you up. By judging your sleeping pattern, whether you get some symptoms of sleep apnea, before conducting at home sleep apnea test.

Sleep apnea test at home

To check your sleeping health, you can have Home Sleep Test (HST). However, you get HST test it is suggested for you to see a physician to check your sleep apnea condition and to make sure whether you really get sleep apnea and need to get an at home sleep apnea test for some patient often mistakenly think that they get sleep apnea when they actually just over tired or have unbalance activities so it affects their sleep.

To get the test on your own, first you need to read the HST guide for patient. It helps you not only to understand the procedure, but also to schedule the test system. Second, you have to check all the packages of the kit which are included a pre-programmed testing kit which is called ResMed Apnealink, a belt to help you apply the device under your nose and linked to ResMed Apnealink device, illustrated and DVD instruction, and the necessary paperworks.

Based on the testing instruction, you can use the HST device. Make sure that you have a clear schedule testing due to the instruction. You also have to make your testing schedule based on your regular evening bedtime and try to get at least 6 hours of sleep per night. If you have less than 6 hour sleep, the test result may nit be accurate. At the same time, you also have to pay attention on your regular evening sleep for the test result of your at home sleep apnea test also depends on your regular evening sleep. You can do the test several times for the accurate test result. Although you can do the test at home on your own, it is still suggested for you to ask your physician to read the result and diagnose your sleep apnea based on the at home sleep apnea test you have done.

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