respironics BiPAP ST

Spesification of Respironics BIPAP ST

Sleep apnea machines like BiPAP ST work by providing positive pressure when a person breathes in and lowering the pressure upon exhalation. This BiPAP device works with two pressure settings. The exhalation pressure, or EPAP, and the inhalation pressure, or IPAP, are both preset to allow the right amount of pressure per breath for optimal benefit. Some continuous positive airway pressure machines are also equipped with breaths per minute setting.  By doing this, it will ensure that if the sleeping person begins to hold his or her breath, the machine will take over and increase pressure automatically, forcing the patient to breathe. The air pressure will then immediately decrease, which allows the patient to exhale properly. BiPAP machines will vary the pressure as the person’s pressure needs change throughout their sleeping patterns. This allows the patient to receive a more beneficial sleeping period.

Some advantages you can get from a BiPAP machine is its size and convenience. BiPAP machines are small enough to fit on the patient’s nightstand and quiet enough to run throughout the night without disturbing the other members of the household. This BiPAP sleep apnea machine also has the option of attaching a heated, or none heated humidifier.

The most recognize sleep apnea BiPAP machine Respironics BIPAP ST is the first noninvasive device to combine proven BiPAP technology with SmartCard which facilitates more accurate tracking of data management. The additional device is easy to operate and offers an easy to understand user interface. TheBiPAP ST has the ability to work with a backup rate which will operate in case the patient stops breathing. The unit will operate as a small ventilator forcing air in and out.

Respironic BiPAP STSpesification of Respironics BIPAP ST

  • Machine Type: BiPAP/BiLevel
  • Manufacturer: Respironics
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 9.45″ x 6.69″ x 4.72
  • Noise Level: 30 dB
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Data Card: Yes
  • Software Available: No
  • Ramp: 0-30 Min.
  • Exhalation Relief: I-FLEX
  • PressureRange: 4-30 cm/H2O
  • Altitude Adjustment: Automatic
  • Heated Humidifier: Available
  • Passover Cool Humidifier: Available
  • 110 Voltages: Yes
  • 220 Voltages: Yes
  • Can Use a Battery: No

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