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How Common is Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea or common sleep apnea has similar symptoms. It is the condition where you will stop breathing for several seconds when you sleep. Meanwhile for common characteristic of this sleep disorder is snorting and gasping that appear noises during sleep.

Sleeping problems in teenagers

Sleeping problems in teenagers almost happen in any teenager in any country on the world. It is due to their rapid activities and physical change related to their hormones and body. It is normal if you find your teenagers sleep in a very late time. However, you will still need to pay attention whether this

Sleep study technician

Sleep study technician functions and educational background information to help patients with sleep disorder in the sleep study centers.

Symptoms of sleep apnea in men

Symptoms of sleep apnea in men are very important for you to know to identify the diseases related to the sleeping disorder. There are many types of sleeping disorder and one of it is the sleep apnea. It happens to all range of age, women and men. Most of the sleep apnea patients feel that

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea in Women

Symptoms of sleep apnea in women are quite similar with men, but most cases are easier to treat. In women, sleep apnea mostly occurs because of physical characteristics.

Sleep apnea disability

Sleep apnea disability patient is possible to get benefit for their condition due to the incapability in job performance and other daily activities.