Cherry Juice for Insomnia

Cherry Juice for Insomnia

Cherry juice for insomnia. This is a pretty good juice for people with insomnia. Although insomnia can be experienced by anyone, people can treat it with a simple treatment such as drinking a cup of cherry juice. Cherry juice is good to give you more sleeping time in the night. Based on the research, you can get more 90 minutes sleep in the night. But to make sure about it, let’s take a look to the research and find out more about its benefits.

Louisiana State University Research

This small research involved 7 adults with insomnia, 68 years old in average. All of them drink 8 ounces of cherry juice twice or in the morning and in the night every day. They did it for 2 weeks and then followed by 2 weeks without cherry juice. On the next 2 weeks, they drink placebo beverage. When placebo beverage compared to the cherry juice, there is a pretty huge difference between both of them, especially in term of result. Drinking cherry juice resulted 84 more minutes of sleep time in the night. This is better than drinking placebo beverage.

Cherry is the good source of melatonin. This is hormone that help regulate the cycle of sleep wake. On the previous research, the conclusion relates to the benefits of cherry juice in enhancing the sleep. But on the latest research, people know how it can be. Melatonin has the huge role here. But not just melatonin, the red pigment of cherry juice also contains proanthocyanidins. Based on the research, cherry juice also helps to increase tryptophan. This is a precursor to serotonin and an essential amino acid that helps people to sleep better. The unique combination between melatonin and tryptophan contributes to the sleep. Greenway said that drinking cherry juice is much better than sleeping pills. It is also safer.

cherry juice for insomnia

How to Make a Tart Cherry Juice

You can make tart cherry juice alone. The ingredients are pretty simple. Prepare 1 ounce of tart cherry concentrate. It will be better to take the organic one. And then, prepare 8 ounces of organic yogurt or kefir and 10 drops of natural sweetener. You can take whole liquid stevia for this.

After getting the ingredients, you can start the juicing process. Put an ounce of tart cherry juice first. Pour it on the cup and add the natural sweetener. Add the raw yogurt or kefir and combine it with water. The composition is ¾ cup of organic yogurt and ¼ cup of water. Using filtered water is better. Now, put on the lid and mix it.

Cherry juice is better to consume twice per day. You can consume it in the morning and in the night. While trying it, make sure to drink it twice. You will never get the same benefits if you drink it only once per day. Changing the lifestyle is also good to repair your sleeping time. Ideally, you have to sleep before 10 pm. Build the right natural sleep hours by this. By doing it, you will get more benefits from cherry juice for insomnia.

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