Chin Strap Sleep Apnea

Chin Strap and how it can Reduce Sleep Apnea

Chin strap sleep apnea, this is unique anti snoring device. This device is simple in term of the design and the work. The concept of chin strap is similar with the other oral appliances such as Mandibular Advancement Device or tongue retaining device. It works by positioning the mouth to reduce the snoring. But is it really works? Let’s find out more about this device.

The Relation between Sleep, Snoring and Chin Position

When you are getting sleep, there are several phases to going through. At the beginning, you are still alert and awake. By the time, your brain will slow down. In this condition, people will experience some vivid sensation. And then, you will go to the light sleep, the deeper sleep and Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep.

On the deep sleep, you are completely incapable to move your body. Your muscle will not work very well. In fact, this is the deep relaxation condition. This is why your chin will drop down and leave the mouth to open. This is the condition when you are getting start to snoring. But snoring is not just about an open mouth. It also relates to the blocking airway.

How it Works

A chin strap looks like a unique device. But simply, it works by holding your jaw in the right place. It keeps the mouth to stay closed and reduces the risk of snoring. In the other words, this device eliminates the conditions of snoring. It means, there is no snoring anymore. When you get sleep apnea, you may need to get CPAP treatment. But before getting it, your doctor may ask you something. Your doctor will ask you to use chin strap as well. If you are a type who sleep with the mouth open, the urgency of chin strap will be higher. As CPAP blows air into the throat and keeps the airways open, you will need to keep your mouth to stay closed. If you are sleeping with the mouth open, CPAP will be contra productive. Even it can worsen the sleep apnea. This is why wearing chin strap is recommended for people like this.

chin strap sleep apnea

Is It Effective?

When it talks about one of the simplest anti snoring devices, chin strap is one of them. But for its effectiveness, the answer is still unclear. Rather than asking about the effectiveness, it will be better to see how right this for you. But if you still wondering about the effectiveness, the answer is so relative. This is depending on how you get snoring. If you snoring through the mouth, chin strap is effective for you

The effectiveness of the chin strap is also depending on the sleep behavior. However, chin strap will work when it stays in the place. If it moves to the other position, it will not prevent the snoring anymore. You can see your sleeping behavior by asking your roommate or trying it first. Just try to wear it and see how it will be placed in the morning. If it stays in the position, it will be an effective solution for you. This is how to see the effectiveness of chin strap sleep apnea.

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