Copd and sleep apnea information

COPD and sleep apnea are sometimes thought to be related. Both of them are indeed sleeping disorder that can endanger the health condition of the people suffering them. COPD is the short of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can be defined as a disorder that cause someone difficulty to breathe during sleeping. This condition is very dangerous because the disease is “progressive” which means that the disease can usually get worse from time to time. Beside of that the disease of COPD is capable to cause severe coughing. This coughing is followed by the high production of slimy substance from your lungs called mucus. COPD can also produce chest tightness, breath shortness, and wheezing. As for sleep apnea, sleep apnea is also a kind of sleeping disorder that is characterized by the numerous numbers of pauses in breathing during sleeping. Both diseases can prevent someone from getting enough sleep. Lack of sleeping will cause many serious problems such as heart attack, diabetes, high blood sugar, and so on. Below is more information about COPD and sleep apnea.

What Worsen Both Diseases COPD or Sleep Apnea?

Bad and unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking and drinking alcohol can trigger and worsen both diseases. When you smoke, the number of oxygen in your body will drop drastically and it can affect the blood circulation in your body and to your brain. That is why smokers will have much bigger possibility of getting sleep apnea and also COPD. COPD is a disease centered in the lungs and when you smoke a cigarette the smoke produced by the cigar is going straightly to your lungs, causing difficulty in breathing and definitely worsen the COPD.copd and sleep apnea

That is why you should never smoke when you have both diseases because this terrible habit can really ruin the health of your lungs, your brain, and so on. The second thing worsen both diseases is the habit of drinking alcohol. Alcohol will also limit the oxygen circulation to your brain, causing your brain to scream for more oxygen by waking you up suddenly many times during the night. Alcohol is going to produce a disruption in the process of keeping fluid on your lungs. Your lungs will be dry and unhealthy and it will worsen the COPD disease. That is why drinking alcohol is really an unhealthy habit to do. Beside of that people with damaged lungs because of alcohol will have bigger possibility of getting dangerous disease such as pneumonia.

How to Naturally Cure COPD and Sleep Apnea?

To cure both diseases naturally, the easiest thing you can do is by losing weight and by getting a lot of exercise. If you are getting sleep apnea because of you are overweight, it is better to lose your weight immediately. To lose weight of course you can do that by watching your diet carefully and getting constant exercise. The exercise that you can do is as simple as running, bicycling, or swimming. Whatever it is to make your body move and make your lungs and health healthy is good to cure COPD and sleep apnea.