Correlation of asthma and sleep apnea

In further research, asthma and sleep apnea has been linked especially if breathing problems are quite severe. Asthma that attacks adult is usually being a trigger of a person having difficulty breathing when in the night sleep or it is more popularly called as obstructive sleep apnea. Recent studies have also proved an association between asthma and difficulty breathing disorder during sleep at night. Sleep apnea is a disorder that often strikes you when sleeping. So when you sleep at night you suddenly felt the air stop so you cannot breathe properly or it felt so hard to inhale. This is caused by not enough air available when entering the lungs. As we said at the beginning, sleep apnea often occurs in asthma patients. Moreover asthma will get worse if the patient also suffered from sleep apnea.

Unhealthy relationship between asthma and sleep apnea

However asthma and sleep apnea is making a dangerous relationship for the patient. Even though the two are very different from each other, but there are some important signs that indicate a very close relationship between those two disorders. When the hardly breathe disorder during sleep at night (which is caused by sleep apnea) and inflammation in the respiratory tract as a result of asthma collaborate into one, it cannot be denied that the severe respiratory problems would occur and even for the worst possibility is death (although this is quite rare). Because this one makes breathing being harder when the air circulation zone into the body is blocked by one of the body’s tissues which are simultaneously damaged and cause a surge in the throat.

asthma and sleep apnea

The way sleep apnea worsen asthma

Sleep apnea can make asthma get worse by several ways. If you already familiar with asthma then surely you also familiar with the acid reflux term. Acid reflux is touted can cause asthma get worse or it can cause a healthy person to suffer from asthma. On the other sleep apnea makes the level of reflux acid in the body increase so the ability of the sphincter muscle to withstand the stomach acid decreases dramatically.

Sleep apnea also made a reduction of circulating air in the zone in the body that lead to the lungs and even the oxygen levels in the bloodstream are also reduced drastically. This stuff also affects to the one of breathe muscles and make them experiencing irritation.

In addition, it also makes severe irritation in some parts of the body, especially asthma patient’s lungs. Research says that this is part of a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction has an impact weight gain and obesity. As we all know that obesity has a major contribution to asthma.

If you are experiencing both asthma and sleep apnea, it will be better if you see the doctor immediately. This stuff cannot be cured with home remedies and it needs the fast medical actions. So after you talk to the doctor, you will figure out what therapy will be suitable for both of you and your lungs.