CPAP side effects

It has been proved that CPAP is appropriate and efficient to decrease your snoring and apnea problem, but this equipment also has CPAP side effects too. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is one of conventional way to cure snoring. CPAP is designed as a mask which can be used while sleeping to cover around your nostril and jaw area in order to reduce snoring.

As the name was, CPAP will flow the air into your nose by using a certain pressure continuously and manage the air circulation while you are sleeping. It makes the air down the nose through a constrictive cover up. This CPAP machine is recommended to clear the throat and avoid the serious snoring condition.

Some of CPAP side effects

CPAP has its own bad side even though it’s still one of the best ways to cure snoring. One of the CPAP side effects is this mask may damage the alveoli because of its pressure. As we know that the CPAP use a certain pressure to flow the air from the tube into your nostril and jaw. The pressure may disturb the alveoli and cause another respiratory illness. Also, it is not practically easy to use because, sometimes, it’s not easy to keep the air tube open. As we know that the air circulation should be move freely from the jaw line and nasal area.

CPAP side effectsAnother CPAP side effect is, some CPAP masks are made from hard material that may cause irritation or allergic reaction on your skin. So you’d better choose the soft and safe material to cover your respiratory organs. In order to avoid any bad condition, medical procedures is always be the best thing to ask about the CPAP details.

CPAP is not necessary to be used each time you do travelling, camping, or other outdoors activity. Even when you are travelling by night and day, this mask won’t fit better when you are sleeping. It will disturb your sleeping position and decrease your sleep motions. You have to lie on your back all night and your back may be pain and rigidity, means that you will have an inflexible sleep all night. You have to be careful and keep it in the right position (head, nose and neck) while using this equipments. So, CPAP is not really flexible to use.

For you to notice, the air comes from this mask is truly dry. So, to avoid the unpleasant dry skin, it’s better for you to choose the mask which has humidifier features on it. This belongs to another CPAP side effects.

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