sleep apnea and high blood pressure

death from sleep apnea

Death From Sleep Apnea

Explanation About Death from Sleep Apnea

Death from sleep apnea is a common thing. This sleep disorder is indeed dangerous and life threatening. Why so? Well, basically this sleep disorder will disturb your breathing and cause breathing pauses during your sleep. The pauses can happen for numerous times and it will make you suddenly wake up for numerous times as well. That is why when someone is having sleep disorder, there is only a small possibility for him to get a nice sleep at night.

Not getting enough sleep can be really dangerous to our health and it can trigger many dangerous and serious diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, and pregnancy complication, for a woman. That is why you need to see doctors immediately and looking for proper treatment or therapy when you feel the symptoms of sleep apnea. Below are several explanations about death from sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea and Diabetes

This kind of sleeping disorder is usually suffered by obese people. Obese people have more risk in getting sleep apnea because the excess fat in their body can cause trouble in breathing during sleeping. Surprisingly, obese people with this sleeping disorder also have more risk in getting diabetes. So, it is basically double jeopardy. The two conditions are related because diabetes, especially diabetes Type 2, is really easy to attack obese people and the sleep disorder, as stated before, is also easy to attack obese people related to the fact that the excess fat in the obese people’s body can cause trouble in breathing during sleep. So, when these two conditions combined, things can be complicated and it is the time to contact doctors.

Sleep Apnea and High Blood Pressure

This sleep disorder can kill someone by giving him high blood pressure. The high blood pressure condition is caused by the sudden and frequent drops in the patient’s blood oxygen levels. The situation can occur when someone is suffering from this sleep disorder. The blood pressure will increase and it will strain the person’s cardiovascular system. When someone has this sleep disorder, there is no doubt that there will be higher risk of hypertension or high blood pressure. High blood pressure itself can be catastrophic for our health but even worse, the condition can end up with stroke and sudden death.

That is why many people have died because of this sleep disorder. This sleep disorder can lead to many dangerous diseases including this high blood pressure that will trigger stroke.

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Sleep Apnea and Pregnancy Complication

When a woman is pregnant and she has this sleep disorder, things can get really complicated. As we know, when someone is having sleep apnea, there is only a small possibility for her to get a nice sleep at night. Not getting enough sleep can be really dangerous for the mother’s health and even worse, it will be more dangerous for the development of the baby inside the mother’s belly. Women with this sleep disorder also have higher risk of getting high blood pressure which is really dangerous for the baby. Death from sleep apnea can also get the pregnant women and the baby.

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