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dental appliances for sleep apnea

Dental Appliances for Sleep Apnea Treatment

Dental appliances for sleep apnea treatment

Dental appliances for sleep apnea are sometimes difficult to perform. This method occur because some sleep apnea patients feel dissatisfied with their current treatment and want to search for alternative solution to solve their sleeping and snoring problems as well. Some people turn to dental appliances in hopes of finding comfortable treatment. Even though dental appliances might be an amazing choice for some sleep apnea patients, following are few facts you should know before deciding to have dental appliances therapy.

When is dental appliances therapy indicated?

Actually, dental appliances are indicated for moderate sleep apnea which is caused by repetitive obstacle to the airway. The obstacle of airway appear because of limited anatomical like floppy r large tongue, throat with excess tissue inside, obstruction of nasal, obesity and many others. The severity of sleep apnea is determined according the number of pauses when you are breathing per hour of your sleep, which is able to lead to lower the blood oxygen that may involve snoring. The treatment for sleep apnea should be weighed carefully as this disorder can drive to serious consequences like high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure and others.

The severity of sleep apnea indicates proper therapy

Some patients with moderate sleep apnea are not right candidates for dental appliances as it won’t help to solve their apnea. Otherwise, some patients with mild sleep apnea may be suitable to consider dental appliances for their sleep apnea solutions. To enlarge the airway collapsibility, dental appliances are customized. It will reposition the lower jaw in a complex position within the mouth.

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Which sleep apnea dentist should turn to?

To perform some dental appliances, make sure you choose a dental specialist who has deep knowledge to overcome sleep-breathing disorders. In addition, dental appliances do not work for all sleep apnea patients. Therefore, it must be monitored with summarize laboratory evaluation for each patient.

Few facts to consider

As dental appliances might work for some sleep apnea patients, it also has disadvantages. It can be uncomfortable that can caused dry mouth or excessive salivation. It also can caused bite changes, dental misalignment, and space opening between your teeth. The appliances also will cost you much.  Sadly, the dental appliance is not covered by insurance, so you have to consider before deciding to have dental appliances to solve your sleep apnea problems. before being sure to have some dental appliances to solve your sleep apnea and snoring problems, consider some effects that may appear behind.

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Other alternatives

Sleep apnea patients should be aware of treatment forms like upper airway surgery and be sure to have effective treating sleep apnea rather than dental appliances. If you decide to have dental appliances, you should try to stay off sleeping face downward to prevent worse sleep apnea and snoring. If you are afraid of having surgery, you can perform natural treatment like acupuncture or acupressure instead. It will be cheaper than the dental appliances since it does not need surgical procedures. Well, the choice is yours whether you choose traditional or natural treatments or dental appliances for sleep apnea.

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