Does Sleep Apnea Cause Weight Gain?

Sleep Apnea and Weight Gain

Does sleep apnea cause weight gain? Maybe you wonder about it too. But as a sleep disorder, this is possible. It may cause the other health problems for sure. This sleep disorder can be characterized from the breath during the sleep. People with sleep apnea will experience infrequent breathing during the sleep. It disrupts the sleeping time. As the result, it affects to the work of the body.

Sleep Apnea and Overweight in the Study

Based on the study, obesity is getting a problem for about 80% of people with sleep apnea. When you have sleep apnea, you will awake in the night for several times. Even several times in an hour. In the morning, you will feel so tired. You will through the day with high calorie fatty, caffeine and sugary foods. Those foods will burst your energy, this is enough until you get the next snack. It can be worse when you get junk food all day. And when in distress, your body will store this fat for the future. It happens naturally. It expands the waistline and worsen the sleep apnea. This cycle will continue and happens every day.

On the other study, the correlation between sleep apnea and weight gain relates on the lack of REM sleep. REM sleep is not just the highest phase. In this phase, your body will burn the calorie rapidly. But you will never get it with sleep apnea. You will never reach this phase because of the lack of oxygen. As the result, the body will not be able to burn calorie rapidly and lead you to obesity.

Sleep Apnea Worsen the Obesity

Sleep apnea is not just influencing obesity. In the other cases, it worsen obesity. With sleep apnea with you, you will always feel tired in the morning. It feels like you cannot do many things. All you want is just getting sleep or sit down on the comfortable sofa. In fact, you need exercise to burn the calorie and the fat. You need to move for this. But unfortunately, you cannot do it. At least, not enough to burn enough calorie and fat.

This condition will be worse by the time. Your weight gain is uncontrolled. In the other side, you do not have enough energy to burn it with exercise. It looks like the worse situation for a fat person. This is why taking the right treatment should be made soon.

does sleep apnea cause weight gain


Before it is getting worse, you have to treat it soon. But the question is, how to make it? The key of sleep apnea treatment is by changing the lifestyle. You have to leave the bad lifestyle and change it with the good one. You can do it by reducing the sweet food, alcohol, eat the healthy food and many more. Readjust your sleeping time. From now, try to sleep before 10 pm and wear CPAP during the sleep. CPAP will help you to get enough oxygen during the sleep. But make sure to select the right size and the right model. And now, you see the answer and the solution on your question. Does sleep apnea cause weight gain?

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