How Do You Treat Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Medical Treatment: How Do You Treat Sleep Apnea?

How do you treat sleep apnea? Well, sleep apnea treatment is available on various kinds. You can choose one according to your doctor’s suggestion. Before discussing about its medical treatment, here is the short review about what sleep apnea is. Like insomnia, it is also sleep disorder for people. How the symptoms of sleep apnea? The symptom of this sleep problem is you will get snoring loudly during sleep. After that, you will get breath stopping for a while. Then, you will wake up for every time you stopping breath. That’s why this case is also called as sleep disorder. It is the problem when you lack your sleep time because of breath stopping.

Well, talking about sleep apnea problem, this article will go towards about its treatment. Let’s check reading below and find your best information about it. Here are the discussions of the question above “how do you treat sleep apnea?”

OSA (Mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea)

First recommended treatment for you is mild obstructive sleep apnea. This treatment is suggested by doctors in UK that handle sleep apnea patients. This treatment suggests you to change your lifestyle. It includes weight loss program, leaving alcohol, and changing medications. Well, the researchers found that obesity is the major factor of sleep apnea. Besides obesity, they also found that drinking alcohol causes sleep apnea problem. That’s why they suggest you cutting out alcohol from your daily life. Then, there are also some medication treatments that can make sleep apnea. For example, taking some pills for curing disease also has side effects like sleep apnea.

Besides the three steps above, you can also try to take exercise program, change sleep position, and leave smoking. Exercise program means you can take therapy that can help your sedentary lifestyle of obstructive sleep apnea. Then, you also can change your sleep position to your side or propped up slightly. Last, you will be required to leave smoking, the activity that gives you other diseases.

how do you treat sleep apnea

Positive Airway Pressure

What is positive airway pressure? It is the machine that especially used for your sleep apnea treatment. This machine has mask that can cover your mouth till nose area during sleep. By using this tool, your airways will be kept open. So, you will not get snoring and sleep apnea. Well, if you want to get this device, you can ask to your doctor. It is available at some medical institutions.

Oral Devices

This is the next treatment device that can be your recommendation. This device is a mouthpiece that designed to keep your throat open. Its name is mandibular advancement device. It can be worn inside your mouth during sleep. How it works? It pulls your lower jaw and forward slightly. By its work, your throat will be less constricted at night.


The last recommended for chronic sleep apnea is for taking surgery. The National Health Service in UK said that surgery can be chosen as the last option of your sleep apnea. For example, you find that the devices above are not effective way for your treatment. Well, finally those are all some treatments that can help the question above, “how do you treat sleep apnea?”

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