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How To Cure Insomnia Naturally

Insomnia? Not a Big Deal

How to cure insomnia? There is no doubt that everyone likes sleeping, but the problem is there are some people who can’t go to sleep or usually called insomnia. Thomas Dekker once said “Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together”. Indeed sleep is very important in taking role in our life. Mothers will ask their children to go to bed early and doctors will suggest their patients to have enough sleep. That’s why people with insomnia will try hard to cure their insomnia, some maybe try to find it on internet, some maybe directly go to psychiatrist, and some maybe try to have a medicine. So, which one will give direct and fast result?

4 Ways to Cure Insomnia Naturally

There should be no hesitation that what comes with nature must give right result. Rather than spending money on psychiatrist or doctor, better we cure our insomnia by ourselves since psychiatrist or doctor will indirectly give advice to do things we can do ourselves. Here they are:

how to cure insomnia

1. Do routine exercise

With exercising, we can maintain our health and make our body become more optimal that will help us fighting stress. Stress is one of factor which causes insomnia; it makes our brain works hard continuously without any spare time and prevent us from falling asleep. Exercise will be better done in the morning, not a couple minutes before sleep.

2. Have natural sleep pattern

Avoid having a nap because it will only cause problem when going to sleep at night. Try to make a natural sleep pattern which is 8 hours a day starting from 10 PM, do it every day, don’t miss any day or it will only bother your sleep pattern. Also, make your bed as comfy as you can, it helps you sleep faster. When you go to bed, make sure you’re doing it because you want, not because you’re forced to do so. If you force yourself, it will make you feel anxiety and at the end you can’t sleep. Therefore, you should go to your bed, lie down, stop your brain from thinking anything, and you will eventually fall asleep.

3. Indulge with relaxations

You can read books or listen to a certain music first as you try to sleep. This will help your body and mind relax a bit. The main key to sleep fast is have a relax body and mind.

4. Give your body healthy consumption

For optimum result, you better not have any stimulant consumption, such as tea, coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes. Those things are the cause of insomnia; they make you up all night. Of course, you don’t need anything like that when you’re going to sleep.

Why Not Having Some Medicine?

People have a tendency to consume medicine to cure their insomnia because they think it’s the fastest way. Yes, we agree maybe medicine will cure your insomnia faster that the natural way, but there will also give you side effects. Wherefore we’re freed from insomnia but then suffer from other disorder. Moreover, some people may have an allergic towards certain medicines and those medicines will only give a boomerang effect. Thus, for the sake of ourselves, just use the natural way, and that is how to cure insomnia.

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