How to Help Sleep Apnea

Five Tips of How to Help Sleep Apnea

How to help sleep apnea is the question needs to be asked by every person in this world who have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a kind of health condition where your breathing is interrupted during your sleep. Sleep apnea can interrupt your breathing rhythm while you are sleeping. Your breathing will be really shallow during your sleep. The shallow breathing forces your breathing rhythm to pause for ten to twenty seconds per pause. These pauses can occur hundreds of times per night during your sleep. That is why this condition is serious because it can prevent you from getting deep sleep. In the next morning, you will feel weak, getting headache, and less energetic. The most obvious symptom of sleep apnea is snoring. So, when you start snoring during your sleep, you are probably getting sleep apnea. That is why you need to do some of these treatments of how to help sleep apnea below.

Reduce Your Weight

Sleep apnea can be triggered by overweight. So, if you feel that you are overweight and that problem cause you sleep problems such as apnea, you can start to lose your weight. Being slimmer will be healthier for your health and it can remove the sleeping apnea from your life for goods.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint has the ability to shrink the lining of your throat and nose. Peppermint is also has a refreshing aroma that can soothe your throat and give you comfort during your sleep. So, you will less bothered by the sleep apnea. To make a peppermint tea, mix a teaspoon of dry peppermint leaf into a cup of warm water and leave it for a minute or two. Mix with couple tablespoons of honey and then drink it before you go to sleep.

how to help sleep apnea

More Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the kinds of mineral that is important for muscle regulation. Sleep apnea is the problem affected the upper throat muscles. To cure it, you need to have more magnesium intake in your diet. There are a lot of food ingredients that are rich of magnesium and delicious to be cooked into mouth watering dishes such as fish, nuts, beans, avocados, bananas, whole grains, dark chocolates, yogurt, dried fruits, and so on.

Quit Smoking

Smoking can heavily affect the health of your throat and lungs. That is why to stop your sleep apnea, you have to quit smoking immediately if you are a smoker. Smoking has less benefit for you compared to its heavy damage to your health. Thus, for the sake of your health, you need to stop smoking.

More Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important to decrease your sleep apnea. In most cases of sleep apnea, the patients also have the lack of Vitamin D. Vitamin D has the ability to stop the symptoms of sleep apnea. Thus, incorporating more Vitamin D in your diet is important. Eat more cheese, tuna, salmon, cereals, mackerel, egg yolks, soy milk and so on because they are loaded with Vitamin D and they can solving the question of how to help sleep apnea.

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