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How To Lose Weight Quickly

How to lose weight quickly

I have been reading many kinds of diet tips and losing weight tips. One of the most amazing one is the healthy and normal diet, people usually do. You can eat anything on the right time. It will make you shed pounds, like literally pounds without waiting for month even years! But still, a great and rapid weight loss needs an extra effort. To be success in this diet program, you need to be discipline and do every single step in order. There is no any tolerance because tolerance will make you shed pounds slowly. It sounds extreme but, several people said it works!


OCD is a famous Indonesian diet tips that was inspired from Indonesian illusionist, Dedy Cobuzier. From the story he told once, he started to do this diet tips since he met a person in the China. The man’s body was amazing even though he is 72 years old. Deddy said that his body even looks like he is 40 years old. And so he started to ask the man what is the secret of having such a nice body and the man answered. Deddy started doing the tips the man gave and tell people that it works. There are many people had done this kind of diet since they said it works and it is literally reducing your fat storage. Besides, this diet allow you to eat your favorite food. Isn’t that amazing?

Let’s Get started

There are 4 level of diet in the OCD. So, it means you have to do it about a month or more. In the diet there is a “the window of eating” phrase. This phrase means that window of eating is the period you can eat freely your favorite food, and when this period is over you have to fasting and wait for the next window of eating.how lose weight quickly

The 8 hours of window eating

The most basic or we can say the base level is the 8 hours of window eating. The 8 hours of window eating will keep you full because this 8 hours will literally be your paradise, your heaven, you can consume what you want without feeling guilty. You can eat cakes and ice cream. After the 8 hours you have your fasting period for 16hours and you are not allowed to consume anything except water. You need to do this frequently to habituate your body with the eating cycle.

The 6 hours of window eating

The next level, your eating period is 6 hours. You need to fasting about 18 hours. Let me just say your breakfast will be at 1 o’clock, then your eating period will last till 7 o’clock. After that you need to wait until the sun rises again and eat at one o’clock. To be in this level you need to start the first 8 hours window eating, and if your body can habituate well, you can change your cycle to this one. Yap, you are allowed to eat steak and rice. Between the 18 hours of fasting the only food you eat is mineral water.

The 4 hours of window eating

Welcome to the next level, you are going to fast about 20 hours from the second your window eating period is over. Let me just say your window eating period started at 1 o’clock, and then it will last till 5 o’clock. But, you can drink anything during your fasting period.

I hope this OCD tips can answer how to lose weight quickly, and well let’s get started!

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