How To Treat Acne

Natural Ways to Treat Acne

How to treat acne are sought by everyone. Men and women with various scales of age have always felt uneasy with facial acne. Acne is usually very common and make facial appearance becomes less attractive to look at. But acne is severe and disturbing appearance usually causes someone to be insecure. Acne is actually caused by the onset of inflammation of the skin glands section. Here are some natural ways to treat acne and do not cause a risk effect.

Apply the Cornstarch Mask

Cornstarch contains natural substances that can get rid of acne in a very short time. You just need to mix the cornstarch with facial cleansers that suit your face character. Apply the mask over the face and do massage gently. Cornstarch effective to open the pores on the skin and help lift the bacteria that causes acne. Clean with warm water after using the mask cornstarch and repeat this step for two days until your face clean.

Apply the Toothpaste Mask

Toothpaste is a very effective drug to combat acne. You can wear mask toothpaste with a very easy way. Clean the face with facial cleanser ingredients that suit your skin type. Apply toothpaste mask to the face until evenly distributed. Toothpaste contains salicylic acid can prevent acne and kill all of the bacteria that cause acne. Clean your face in the morning with warm water and your face will look brighter and cleaner. Many people believe that the toothpaste into panacea for how to treat acne.

Healthy Food Diet

One of the natural treatments you need to do to get rid of acne is the consumption of healthy foods. Foods that contain lots of oil are believed to encourage the production of fat and disrupt the metabolic system. This is what causes acne problems arise because the layer of fat that accumulates in the skin, especially on the face. You should consume fruits that contain vitamin C such as grapes, oranges, strawberry, blackberries and melons. Reduce all foods that contain saturated fats. Avoid all processed foods with roasted.

how to treat acne

Select Cosmetics in the Right Way

Wear cosmetic products will encourage the emergence of acne. This can happen when you are wrong in using certain cosmetics. Before you buy cosmetics then do the test by applying it to the skin sensitive. If there is no reaction then you can use these cosmetics. Additionally apply several ways to clean your face naturally like wearing lemon juice, gel of aloe Vera, tea and water. Select the type of cosmetics according to skin type so that you will not get allergies.

As long as you do some natural ways to how to treat acne then do some kind of good habits for your face. If previously you wear cosmetics with excessive chemicals, then stop this practice. It may be the cause of your acne is chemicals in cosmetic products. Also try to consumption of mineral water in sufficient quantities. Mineral water will get rid of toxins in the body by supporting the process of metabolism.

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