How to Treat Sleep Apnea Naturally

How to Treat Sleep Apnea Naturally

How to treat sleep apnea naturally is something that really needed by anyone with this kind of sleep disorder. Having this kind of sleep disorder is really annoying because you cannot get nice sleep all night. You will have to wake a lot of time every single night because your breathing is constantly paused. It can really endanger your health and you can really get a lot of diseases such as stroke, heart attack, and diabetes. So, how do you treat this kind of sleep disorder? Well, you can always see some doctors and get medication. However, if you want you to naturally cure the disorder, you can always read these tips of how to treat sleep apnea naturally such as bellow.

Reduce Your Weight

Reducing your weight is definitely one of the best solutions to cure sleep apnea especially for those who are overweight. When you are overweight, you will have to face the possibility of getting breathing difficulty during your sleep. That is why you need to reduce your weight if you want to be free from sleep apnea. The way to reduce your weight can be done naturally as well such as consuming weight reducing herbs like ginseng, green tea, and so on. You can also watch your diet carefully and avoid junk foods so that your weight will be reduced. Do not forget to get exercised quite often and rest as often as possible.

No Smoking and No Alcohol

Drinking alcohol and smoking can endanger your overall health including your lungs, kidney, and so on. Those two bad habits can also trigger and worsen sleep apnea. That is why when you are suffering from sleep apnea you can try to stop smoking and avoiding alcohol beverages. Replace the alcohol beverages with pure water so that your lungs and kidney will be clearer and your sleep apnea symptoms can go away for goods.

Use Aromatherapy Candle

It is believed that aromatherapy candle can really help anyone to get good quality sleep. That is why when you have sleep apnea, try to sleep inside a room with aromatherapy candle. The fragrant from the aromatherapy candle will help you to sleep better and make you wake less time per night. You can choose calming aroma such as lavender or jasmine to help you have better sleep. If you do not find aromatherapy candle, aromatherapy diffuser will work as good as the candle.

how to treat sleep apnea naturally

Honey and Ginger Tea

Drinking warm honey and ginger tea right before you go to bed can help you to sleep well and improve your sleeping quality. Ginger and honey has a really good refreshing aroma that will make your breathing better and will remove your sleeping apnea. If you do not have honey and ginger tea, you can make regular tea and then add it with honey and a piece of ginger that you have peeled well. Stir well and leave it for several minutes and then drinking it. How to treat sleep apnea naturally can be solved with the ginger and honey tea method.

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