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Acupuncture and Insomnia Treatment

Acupuncture works by stimulating the nerve points on the body. Each point works to a certain organ in the body. It works like reflexology. On people with insomnia, needles will be placed on the specific nerve points. This is to stimulate the nerve and bring the balance back.

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Considerations Before Taking Antidepressant for Insomnia

The sedating antidepressants such as Doxepin, Pamelor and Elavil are really good for treating depression and insomnia. Unfortunately, these drugs have the serious side effects. They will increase the blood pressure. Even worse, they can be lethal, especially in overdose. The other side effect of antidepressant relates to the behavior.

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Anxiety Induced Insomnia

Anxiety induced insomnia. The strong relation between both of them have been proven on many studies. Even anxiety has been known as a cause of insomnia too. Without the right treatment, this condition will lead the sufferers to depression even increase the likelihood of suicidal act.


Best Treatment for Insomnia

Best treatment for insomnia is not always expensive or difficult to do. In fact, everybody can make it. Some of them are as simple as home remedies. And for the other one, you can take it with the help of the doctor. But however, the best treatment for insomnia is by changing your lifestyle. You need behavioral treatments for this. And for the detail one, let’s find out more about it.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Insomnia

Ayurvedic treatment for insomnia can be an alternative treatment. Beside it, it is also safe and effective enough. This treatment works by taking you back to the right habit. So, this treatment is not just allowing you to sleep but also make it better. In Ayurveda, the amount of sleep is so depending on the body type. For Vata, they need 6 up to 7 hours. But for Pitta and Kapha, they need 7 up to 8 hours and 8 up to 9 hours of sleep.

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Alcohol Withdrawal and Insomnia

Alcohol withdrawal insomnia. Actually, it relates to 2 terms of health disorder. Those are alcohol withdrawal and insomnia. Alcohol withdrawal is a syndrome that can occur when heavy alcohol drinker stop or reduce their alcohol consumption significantly. It can be life threatening. This is because it can be worse by the time, especially without the right treatment.

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Christopher Nolan Insomnia

Christopher Nolan insomnia is one of the important movies from an outstanding director. But there is a big question. Why this movie is so important? In term of story, it seems nothing to doubt. But when it comes to the relation with insomnia sleep disorder, there are many things to think. Let’s take a look to the main story first.

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The Best Medication for Insomnia

The best medication for any diseases or disorder is by knowing why you get it and solve the problem. Before you get any medication treatments, you have to evaluate your lifestyle. Why is it so hard for some people to get some sleep at night? Some people may have unhealthy lifestyle.

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Dangers of Insomnia

The dangers of insomnia must be known by a lot of people. Yes, there are a lot of hazardous health conditions that can be triggered by insomnia. As we all know, insomnia is a kind of sleeping disorder in which someone is having difficulties to sleep throughout the night.

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Adrenal Fatigue Insomnia

The adrenal fatigue insomnia is the serious problem today. You might find someone who has the big problem for having the sleeping time. After lying on bed for hours, they cannot sleep at all even though it is for one or two hours.