Knowing causes for insomnia to reduce the risk

The Causes of Insomnia

Causes for insomnia may increase depend on the age. This is why insomnia almost never be found in children. As the result, the most sufferers are coming from adult. But there are more interesting facts about this sleep disorder. One fact about insomnia is the connection between eating too late in the night and the risk of insomnia. This habit also becomes one of the causes of insomnia. By knowing the causes, you will be able to reduce the risk.

The Common Causes of Insomnia

Commonly, insomnia caused by stress, anxiety, depression, medical conditions, poor sleep habits, medications, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. With one of them, people may suffer insomnia. The symptoms can be worse by the number of the causes.

Stress, this is the most common cause of chronic insomnia. Concern about family, school or work can make your mind to stay active. This is a condition while getting sleep is just getting more difficult. Depression is more serious condition. But this problem can give the opposite effect. Instead of having trouble to get sleep, you may sleep too much as well.

In the most case, insomnia caused by mental health disorder. But it can also be caused by the bad habit. Poor of sleep habits is one of them. The irregular sleep schedule, uncomfortable sleep environment, stimulating activities before sleep and using the bed for the other activities are a few examples of poor of sleep habits.

causes for insomnia

Caffeine is one kind of stimulant. It keeps you to stay awake and make your mind to be more active. But caffeine-containing drinks are not recommended to consume before sleep. You can consume it before noon, but not after it. Drinking it after noon will keep you to stay awake in the night. Nicotine and alcohol are also the same. These are the other stimulants that cause insomnia. Although alcohol also known as sedative, it prevents you from the deeper stage of sleep. It causes you to awaken in the middle of night as well.

Aging and Insomnia

Insomnia may occur by the age. Adults have the higher risk of it. This is because the older people have a change of sleep pattern, change in activity, and change in health. They also have more medications. Compared to children, adults are less restful. They also have the different sleep pattern. In the evening, they can get tired earlier. But in the other side, they have to wake up earlier in the morning. In fact, they also need the same amount of sleep as the younger people.

Adults are less physically active. As the result, they more likely to take a nap more often. It interferes the night sleep. This is why adults can stay awake in the night any longer.

Commonly, insomnia suffered by adults. But this sleep problem can be found on children and teenagers too. The cause is also the same. In the most case, this is because of the bad habit. If there is no treatment, it will grow to chronic insomnia. In this situation, there will be more complicated causes for insomnia.