Easylife CPAP mask

respironics easylife nasal cpap mask with headgear

Respironics Easylife Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

Features on Respironics Easylife Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

Respironics Easylife nasal CPAP mask with headgear is one thing you should try if sleep apnea is getting in the way of your good night sleep. Wearing a CPAP mask can be very uncomfortable. Sometimes you can feel claustrophobic or even have a hard time adjusting with the headgear pressure on your head. But the good news is, you won’t experience those problems if you choose this remarkable product.

Easylife’s CPAP mask is specially designed to make breathing easy for you while you are sleeping. The adjustable support is comfortable and most importantly, the replaceable cushions require very little maintenance.

Dual Cushion System

The best thing about Respironics Easylife nasal CPAP mask with headgear is the replaceable dual cushion system. This CPAP mask consists of the inner cushion and the outer. The outer cushion acts as support while the inner cushion will adjust itself following the contour of your face. This comfortable inner cushion enables you to breathe easily and prevent the mask from becoming too tight. Both are replaceable so it will always be clean and very easy to maintain.

Light and Compact Parts

Some CPAP mask product comes with ridiculous size that prevents you from getting a comfortable night sleep. Easylife’s CPAP mask is different. It only consists of four small components, the headgear, the mask frame and the inner and outer cushion. The size is very compact yet still highly functional. The micro parts will not only help you to breathe, but also will reduce the snoring sound. This CPAP mask is also made of non-latex material so it will be completely safe for your respiratory system.

Comfortable Auto Seal

Respironics Easylife Nasal CPAP mask is equipped with a very comfortable headgear. You only need to adjust it once and it can fit perfectly on your head for a very long time. This is possible due to the patented Auto Seal technology in the cushions. Once you put the mask, the cushions will automatically follow your face shape so you don’t need to tighten the headgear to make it fit on your face. In result, no more over tight headgear that gets you severe headache. This Auto Seal technology really sets this product apart with its competitor. As we know, many people feel uncomfortable with the way the headgear squeeze their forehead. Respironics

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Sleep apnea can be a major disturbance in someone’s life. Therefore, don’t take any risks and only choose product with the latest technology. Getting used to wearing CPAP mask can be a challenge, especially if it makes you feel claustrophobic. So, make sure you take the Auto Seal technology of this product into advantage. This technology will make sure the mask fit perfectly and won’t hurt your head or other parts of your face when you are wearing it. Respironics Easylife nasal CPAP mask with headgear also comes in various sizes from petite to large. Choose the right size for you and say goodbye to annoying loud snoring.

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