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symptoms of sleep apnea

Identify The Usual Symptoms and Sign of Sleep Apnea

What is sign of sleep apnea? Basically, apnea happens because the respiratory system of our body is blocked by the narrow air passage inside the throat that makes you get many healthy problems such as the difficulty in breathing. Remember that sleep apnea may affect children and adults in any age. To make sure if we have this apnea or not, firstly we should know the symptoms that will show us the proper signs of sleep apnea.

In fact, signs of sleep apnea are rather difficult to be found because most of the signs usually appear only when we’re sleeping. Moreover, the signs won’t be recognized well as the symptoms. Here are the usual signs that can be used to indicate apnea problem but they are difficult to be checked by our selves. That’s why it needs other help to identify that these signs really belong to you.

Some of sign of sleep apnea

  • Snoring. Snore happens if the air passage is obstructed. It is a usual problem when we’re sleeping and most people snore, that’s the fact. So how can we identify the snores as one of apnea’s symptoms? Well, most of the sufferers snore when they’re sleeping. But not all snorers have this apnea. Loud snore is the proper sign and if the snore won’t stop when you change your sleep position, it is possibly as one of the symptoms that we’re looking for. So if you’ve been told by someone that you snore in your sleep, you should pay more attention on it.
  • Morning headache. If you have apnea, you’ll get a severe headache when waking up in the morning. The lack of oxygen inside your brain makes it happens. As we know that brain is the master that manage our body’s activities and it always needs the supply of oxygen to run all works. So when the air passage inside your throat is blocked, the oxygen supply in the brain is also stopped. All works will be disturbed in such a way that finally will cause headache. Then, after waking up from a night sleep, you’ll find yourself in a very bad situation; feel bad with the severe headache. It can be a fatal if it happens every day. All your daily activities will be interrupted because of this problem.
  • Constant tiredness and sleepiness during the day. Apnea will block the air flow and stop the supply of oxygen that sent to the brain. So when the brain is in low level of oxygen, it will automatically increase the level of carbon dioxide. Because of these two components of respiratory system (oxygen and carbon dioxide) were not in a balance position, the brain will resume breathing and cause an awakening. So that you will loss the precious sleep and impact your health because you do not get enough sleep and good rest.

Not enough sleep causes tiredness and sleepiness when doing all day activities. Of course it will disturb your important day with all the duties.

That’s all the very usual signs that can be identified easily. There are also other symptoms as one of sleep apnea solutions. Signs of sleep apnea also can be found in children. But the symptoms are little bit different with what we could find in adults. Snoring, bed wetting, constant sleepiness and less fatigue are the common signs that parents should be aware of that and find the best sleep apnea solution in order to avoid the worst condition.sign of sleep apnea

All these signs can lead to the next medical problem such as hypertension and other cardiovascular disease. Be hurry to cure this apnea before it becomes a nightmare for your health. I hope you can get some useful information from this sign of sleep apnea article.

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