Sleep apnea chin strap

What is sleep apnea chin strap? Having snored while you are sleeping is known as one of the most common sleeping problems among men and women around the world. While snoring interferes with the sleep quality of the snorer, it also hampers the sleep of the person who sleeps with the snorer. Snoring can be of different types and can be attributed to different reasons. While some people snore occasionally due to nasal congestion, some are habitual snorers. Other common causes for snoring include obesity, enlarged tonsils, alcohol consumption, sleep apnea, and breathing through mouth due to impaired nasal anatomy. Whatever may be the reason, snoring is a deep rooted problem and severe snoring incidences can hamper a relationship as well. Using sleep apnea chain strap can be as an answer for your snore problem since having snore is one of indication for sleep apnea.

A person with mild snoring is normal and can be cured with several anti snoring remedies. However, if none of these snoring remedies work for an individual, he / she should see a physician or seek help from a sleep center or hospital. One of the most common causes of snoring is breathing through mouth. Many people during their sleep breathe through mouth instead of breathing through their nostrils. This can lead to snoring problem. Snoring occurs when the soft tissue in the top palate relaxes during sleep which results in the narrowing of the air tract causing it to vibrate and produce the typical snoring sound.

The use of sleep apnea chin strap

sleep apnea chin strapAn anti snoring chin strap is one of the most popular anti snoring devices and can be use as sleep apnea chain strap too. The device works best for snorers who breathe through their mouth. An open mouth constricts the airway thus interferes with normal breathing and causes snoring. The anti snoring chin strap shuts the mouth and thus stop snoring. The anti snoring chin strap is made up of fabric chin cup along with adjustable straps. The straps are used to secure the device over the top and back of the head. Although the basic working principle of the device is same, it may vary from brand to brand with little alternations. The stretchable fabric of the device helps to keep the mouth closed thus forcing the snorer to breathe through his or her nostrils instead of through mouth. Some anti snoring chin straps are also available with adhesive strips that can be used to attach the straps to the chin.

If you or your partner is a mouth breather during sleep, a sleep apnea chin strap can be the best solution for it. The chin strap is very easy to use, store, and clean. The device is very handy and so one can carry it even for a vacation. Plus, the device is cheap and affordable. The anti snoring chin strap is widely used in hospitals and sleep centers to effectively treat snoring disorders as indication for sleep problem. However, the device is not appropriate for all snorers. While some snorer may be benefited, some might not see any noticeable changes. So it is always recommended to consult a physician before starting to use such a sleep apnea chin strap.

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