Sleep apnea without snoring

Sleep apnea without snoring is one phase of apnea. This is because most people will not realize that they are suffering the apnea until it’s getting worst and worst. Actually, sleep apnea without snoring can be found but, in fact, it is very rare and difficult to identify. As we know, and many said that one of sleep apnea symptoms is snoring, so how could we identify ourselves if there is no sign or symptoms to be analyzed? Then it will be so complicated.

Some people will think that snoring is just tiny bit problems that should be forgotten. But in fact, most people will feel bad when hearing someone’s snore. The loud sound of snoring will disturb other people and make them can’t sleep. It will be a nightmare for those who hear this sound. So how about you? Can you sleep soundly if you find that your sleeping partner snores all night?

About sleep apnea without snoring

Well, that’s just an intermezzo to remain you how bad the sound of snore will be. Let’s back to our discussion. Basically, there are two major types of sleep apnea; obstructive sleep apnea and mild sleep apnea. Both have the same sign, snoring. As we know that apnea will occur if the air passage inside the throat is blocked totally so that the air cannot pass the passage. This condition makes us stop breathing for some time. The blockage will also influence you to produce sound. This sound is produced by the construction occurs between the air passage and the pressure of the throat. This sound then comes out as the snore and snoring is the easiest symptom that can be easily analyzed. But apnea can be relieved by using nasal product or sleep apnea mouth appliances that available in the nearest store around you.

sleep apnea without snoringIn some case, sleep apnea without snoring may be found in sufferers, especially in children, who may still in the early beginning of apnea. It means the apnea that now they have is still at the normal level, not in a serious level yet. But this condition is crucial because no symptom can be analyzed. We do not know if we have been affected by this sleeping disorder. Every parent should be aware at their children’s condition. We surely do not want if this early level moves to a serious one only because we, as parents, have less attention on it. That will be so bad for the next.

In conclusion, if you take any treatment that uses sleep apnea mouth appliances, such as dental and oral device and also mouthpiece, your apnea will be cured and your snore will be reduced. That’s what we meant by sleep apnea without snoring. Sleep apnea without snoring is still has the same disadvantages that will disturb your health. Although the snore is gone, but you still have the apnea inside your body. And for the last, a very important thing to do is let’s relieve your apnea and stop the terrible snores. I hope you can get something useful from this sleep apnea without snoring article.

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