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Sleep loss lower testosterone levels 0

Sleep Loss Can Lower Testosterone Levels

In 1999 Van Cauter published a groundbreaking report in which she found chronic sleep loss alters hormone secretion in young, healthy adults. In some subjects who were sleeping only four hours a night, glucose metabolism came to resemble that of diabetics. Their blood cortisol rose to levels usually seen in much older people. The study was one of the first to explore the effects of sleeplessness on the body rather than the brain.

Interesting facts about dreams while sleeping 0

Few Things About Dreams While Sleeping

Dreams are never literal. The subconscious mind communicates with man through symbols and images. That is why we so often see strange dreams, which are very difficult to interpret. People who became blind after birth, can see images in a dream. Dreams those, who had been blind before the birth, full of tactile sensations, sounds and smells.

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Child Sleep Apnea and How to Treat It

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep apnea can be suffered by 2% up to 3% of children in all ages. Even newborn may suffer it too. Children with sleep apnea history and children who have adenoids or enlarged tonsils have the higher risk of this sleep disorder. And just like in adults, the risk factors of childhood sleep apnea also relates to the lifestyle. Being exposed to smoke can improve the risk of this problem.

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ADHD and Insomnia in Treatment

The link between ADHD and insomnia means something. By curing ADHD, people can reduce insomnia. But anyway, it works only in a specific case such as insomnia on people with ADHD. This problem can be solved with lifestyle changes and natural remedies. A simple remedies such as drinking warm milk before getting sleep will help people to sleep better and reduce Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.