Sleep study cost

Get to know how much does sleep study cost is very important if you want to take sleep apnea test. And having an insurance coverage will help you a lot when this sleep study takes you some extra money. Sleep apnea is one of sleep disorder that causes a person loses his respiration for a moment while sleeping. This disruption may happen several times in a sleep. Sleep apnea can be a serious problem if you let it untreated.

When you consult with your medical profession, you will be introduced with a sleep study program or polysomnography. It is a multi-component analyzes system that will analyze body actions while we are sleeping. Sleep study is an important research to cure sleeping disorders. Your doctor will probably do a research just to make sure your condition. All you need to do is just sleep as usual and let the sleep researchers or technicians do their best. No need to worry, there will be no pain happen along this process.

Sleep study uses electrode tubes and some receptor cables which will be linked with your head and various locations on your upper body. Air circulation through nasal area, upper body attempt, muscular stress, eye movement and mind action will be examined. The result will be analyzed by the researchers within a day or two.

How much does sleep study cost?

Sleep study costThere are many sleep study program and facilities around us. You may find this program in medical center, hospital, or lab. The cost of sleep study is also different based on the treatment offered. But normally, sleep study cost ranged from $2500 to $4000.  Because you need to spend some night and sleep in a medical center or lab in a hospital, you have to do extra treatment along this study. Some sleep study costs will offer you a one-payment system of $3000 per night for a sleep study but there will be no extra cost for the next visiting.

Sleep study cost wills much cheaper if you have insurance. You may get special discount from your insurance company up to $500. Usually, some study lab may offer you two separated programs. You need to pay about $1800 for the first sleep study only for examining your apnea and $1850 for further treatment. The price will also be different if you choose a certified or accredited sleep lab. With this various different prices of sleep study cost, sufferers may freely choose the best treatment that suits on the needs and the economical condition.

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