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Christopher Nolan Insomnia

Christopher Nolan insomnia is one of the important movies from an outstanding director. But there is a big question. Why this movie is so important? In term of story, it seems nothing to doubt. But when it comes to the relation with insomnia sleep disorder, there are many things to think. Let’s take a look to the main story first.

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Chronic Insomnia Symptoms

There is nothing different on the chronic insomnia symptoms except on the duration. The symptoms include sleepiness during the day, concentration problem, memory problem, irritability and general tiredness. The sufferers will get some difficulties to get sleep, including difficulty to find the comfortable position.

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Blue Light Insomnia

Blue wavelength light is not only from your bedroom lighting. TVs, smartphones, digital clock, and PC computer also produce blue light. Electronic screen and LED lighting can cause you to suffer from blue light insomnia. In consequence, you must not only turn off your bedroom lighting. But, you must also turn off your phone, TV, and PC.

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A Definition of Insomnia Is

Like other diseases, this sleep disorder is also divided into some levels. There are transient, acute, and chronic insomnia. Transient insomnia can be detected when you get this sleep problem for a few days till some weeks. Then, you can be diagnosed to get acute insomnia if you cannot sleep at night for several weeks.

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Can You Develop Insomnia?

Insomnia is divided into three types. First of all, you can know transient insomnia. This problem happens when the symptom ends from several days into a week. Then, there is acute insomnia that can persist for several weeks. Last is chronic insomnia.