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Causes of Insomnia in Women and Hormonal Changes

Although the most cases of insomnia affected by the bad lifestyle, this is not the only cause actually. Hormone may responsible to this sleep problem as well. There are about 70% of women complain about insomnia during menstruation. This is time when their hormones at the lowest levels. Menstrual symptoms also keep you up in the night.

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Bipolar And Insomnia

Bipolar disorder has many ways to affect sleep, including insomnia. It may lead the sufferers to experience REM sleep abnormalities, irregular sleep wake schedules and delayed sleep phase syndrome. This condition can get worse by the rate of the bipolar disorder.

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Icd 9 Code for Sleep Apnea

Knowing icd 9 code for sleep apnea is actually important for people who are suffering from insomnia or other sleep problems. It has become a clear fact that a sleep problem significantly influences health and life quality. People suffering from this problem usually can easily get sick and stressed.

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Central Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Central obstructive sleep apnea is a sleep disorder, the patient has pauses in breathing or breathing becomes shallow during sleep. CPAP machines are often used for the patients who have sleep apnea.