reducing sleep apnea with exercise

exercises for sleep apnea

What is Exercises for Sleep Apnea?

Reducing Sleep Apnea with Exercise

Exercises for sleep apnea sounds pretty interesting. This is safer than medication and does not have any side effects. And more importantly, this is effective to reduce sleep apnea. There are several exercises available. One of the most popular ones is tongue exercise. But for now, we will take a look to the other exercises include throat exercise and jaw exercise.

Tongue exercise for sleep apnea

There are several tongue exercises. Some of them are palate push, lip route, tongue out and tongue rove. For palate push, you can do it by touching the back of the front teeth. Do it with the tip of your tongue and roll it over slowly. Lip route is the other tongue exercise for sleep apnea. To make it, lick your upper and the lower lips in rotating motion. Do it continuously in several clockwise rounds. After that, you can do it counter clockwise.

If you want to try tongue out exercise, just start it by sticking out your tongue as far as you can and hold it for a few seconds. Pull it back, take a breath and repeat this exercise for several times. And for the last tongue exercise or tongue rove, you can do it by running your tongue quickly all over the inside of your mouth and skim over to the front of the teeth. Do the same thing on the roof and the base of your mouth.

Throat Exercise

Throat exercise, this is the second exercise for reducing sleep apnea. Some of throat exercise are chewing gum exercise, yawning exercise and vowel exercise. Chewing gum exercise is easy to do. All you need is just a gum. Chew it with the closes mouth and do it for a few minutes. You can improve the period by the time. To open the throat wider, you can add “mmm” sounds.

Yawning exercise is the second throat exercise. Just simulate yawn and open the mouth as wide as you can. While doing it, you can thrust your tongue as far as you can. The last throat exercise or vowel exercise is also pretty simple. Just recite vowel sound, do it fast and clearly. Do it for about 3 up to 5 minutes. For the beginning, you can do it with the soft sound and increase it gradually.

exercises for sleep apnea

Jaw Exercise

At least, there are 2 jaw exercises. Those are jaw stick and jaw swing. To do jaw stick exercise, clench a stick between the teeth for about 10 minutes. If you can do it any longer, it will be better. Getting jaw stick exercise before going to sleep will help you to reduce sleep apnea. But of course, you have to do it regularly.

The second jaw exercise is jaw swing. Position the lower jaw as far as you can, hold it for 30 seconds and swing it to the right. Hold it for 30 seconds again and repeat the previous step. Anyway, jaw exercise is a natural treatment. You will notice the result only after getting this exercise for several times. But anyway, you have nothing to lose to try exercises for sleep apnea.

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